About Us

Does your service company call you back?

We are dedicated to providing you with the quick response you deserve. You should not have to wait over an hour to get an answer to your service or installation need. Our team is standing by to answer your call.

Ask yourself, how often do you see your service company?

Through the years we have witnessed this trend. It is alarming to think that a service provider would put their bottom line above their customers' needs. At SJE, you get the service visits that you paid for.

Do you understand your contract? What is covered and what is not?

At SJE we invested the time and spoke to our past customers to understand what it is that makes their agreements confusing and difficult to understand. We have studied our paperwork to make sure that we can provide you with the answers you need and the knowledge you rely on to feel comfortable with what you are purchasing.

Do you get confusing bills from your service company?

Itemized billing and outlined labor costs are what we are committed to providing. We are here to help you understand what it is that you purchased.

WELCOME TO SJE - Elevator Services

Serving New Jersey, Philadelphia, & Delaware

An industry leading team geared toward stripping away all of the old expectations you've become accustomed to accepting. With over 35 years of experience in the elevator & escalator industry, SJE - Elevator Services hits Ocean City, Atlantic City and other NJ marketplaces, as well as the Philadelphia, PA area, with a determination to serve your company efficiently.

"Attitude is everything!"

We have all grown tired of unresponsive calls. This is a pain that no company should accept when the lives of your employees and patrons are on the line. For too long has this business model been tolerated by the customers and our industry service providers. A time for change is at hand.

A call in to your elevator service provider deserves prompt, courteous attention and that is what you can expect from SJE - Elevator Services. We have committed to returning your phone call within one hour and in that time, providing you with a confident and precise plan to start you moving your issue out of your way, without the attitude. Your job is our priority.

"When are you coming to service my elevator?"

Do you know when your service provider is "supposed" to come out and provide maintenance on your elevator systems? How about your state inspections? Do you know what is covered in your elevator maintenance agreement when they finally arrive? At SJE - Elevator Services, we are motivated to provide you with a clear agreement that is tailored to fit your company's needs while continuing to maintain the code compliance of your machines in Philadelphia, PA and Ocean City & Atlantic City, NJ!

Our elevator company is committed to making sure you understand what is included in your agreement so that any confusion can be avoided in the event of an issue. Hidden charges and extra fees for elevator installation and repair are two items that we choose to leave out. Unreasonable hourly rates can take the bench, too. SJE - Elevator Services will provide you with a pre-discussed and pre-determined hourly rate - and even discounted rates upon acceptance of a customized elevator service and maintenance agreement. We can also design agreements to include your state inspections, making it a worry-free option for your company.

"You were just here. Why does my Machine room still look like a Mess?"

The way a worksite is left upon completion of an elevator installation & service call speaks volumes about the individual who is providing you with the expertise you rely on to keep your system tuned. Did you know that code states that your machine rooms, pits, shafts and elevator cars must comply with standards designed to keep your areas clean and free of debris? How has your service provider addressed this concern?

The simple idea of taking pride in our job and the commercial and residential elevator industry that we represent motivates us to excel where others might fall behind. A concept of "leaving it cleaner than we found it" is not just an idea lost with time, but a daily drive to stay ahead of our competition. Every customer deserves the same high level of treatment - and that can only be achieved when a balanced work schedule is maintained by the mechanic who is providing it. Having 200 accounts to service in a month may be good for the company's bottom line, but only hurts the customer in the end. Not to mention, it shortens the relationship. We aim to create a long term "family environment" that a customer looks forward to, not dreads.