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Up to 950 lb capacity (750 lb standard)
40 FPM nominal car speed
Up to 6 stops with 50 feet of fl oor to fl oor travel
Minimum pit depth of 8 inches required (10” recommended)
Minimum overhead clearance of 8’-0”required (9’-6” recommended)
Up to 15 square feet interiors cab sizes available (12 ft standard)


Type “A” instantaneous broken rope car safety
Pipe rupture valve
Upper and lower terminal limit switches
Top fi nal limit switch
Slack cable switch
Emergency car lighting in cab
Emergency stop switch in cab
Emergency push button alarm in cab
Automatic car re-leveling device
Battery lowering device
Emergency manual lowering valve
Emergency telephone in cab
Solid panel cab doors with approved safety switch
Approved electro mechanical hoistway door interlocks
Rubber impact bumper below elevator car
UL and/or CSA certifi ed electrical and hydraulic devices
Manufactured in accordance with ASME 1 safety code


1:2 Roped hydraulic drive
(2) 3/8” diameter hoist cables
1-Stage hydraulic piston & cylinder w/self-adjusting seal
Heavy duty cantilevered designed car sling w/roller guide shoes
8 lb/ft steel tee guide rail system
220 volt single phase power supply
Vibration free submersible pump/motor assembly (3 or 5 HP motor)
2-Speed control valve and constant down speed regulation


Cabs available in a wide variety of plastic laminate choices and other options
Solid panel accordion cab door available in a wide variety of vinyl laminate choices
36” x 48” x 80” high clear interior cab size with a variety of cab opening confi gurations
Brushed stainless steel handrail on one side wall
Brushed stainless steel cab control panel


Cabs available in a wide variety of fi nishes and other options
Accordion cab doors in hardwoods, custom stain & lacquer fi nish aluminum, clear or bronze acrylic panels
Recessed telephone cabinet
Automatic car door operator
Polished stainless steel, brushed brass, or polished brass pushbutton faceplate & handrail finishes