Welcome to South Jersey Elevator Locally owned & operated since 2013

South Jersey Elevator is a locally owned and operated full service elevator company that has been doing business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware area since 2013. Because we are locally owned our clients have personal access to the owner and/or management through their cell phones. No more waiting days for a return phone call. We provide 24 hour call back service 7 days a week for those emergency situations that occur after hours.
Professional, safe, installation & repair

Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with professional, quality elevator service. SJE can install, service, repair and modernize various types of residential elevators and dumbwaiters. Our employees are trained to work on various types of equipment and follow strict safety procedures.(OSHA 30 Trained)
At South Jersey Elevator our #1 priority is to ensure the safety of the riding public on the elevators that we service. As an elevator provider, we owe it to the public to be honest and maintain the elevators as though our own families will be riding them.

South Jersey Elevator Residential Services

New Installation

We specialize in the installation of hydraulic elevator systems, dumbwaiters and Traction elevators in new and existing buildings.

Modernization and Repair

Elevator modernization keeps older Homes competitive with newer Homes. South Jersey Elevator will assess the condition of your existing equipment and offer recommendations for upgrading the equipment. We install non-proprietary equipment that meets ASME code compliance. With non-proprietary equipment, you are not locked into an OEM for maintenance service in the future.

Preventative Maintenance

How your elevators perform and how often they are out of service to reflect on your Homes image. Preventative maintenance helps to ensure top elevator performance.
We offer (2) two types of maintenance service contracts:

Our Full Maintenance Contract provides the customer with the best service possible. We will service the equipment every Quarter and perform all the necessary maintenance to keep your elevator running efficiently. Every month, a copy of the tasks that are performed will be left in the elevator machine room as well as with management. This complies with all city and state codes that may apply. In addition to this, our full maintenance contract provides eight-hour callbacks Monday through Friday at no additional charge. With this contract, we cover most of the parts on the elevator. In the event that your elevator is down, we will supply the trained manpower and material to get you back running. We also have a trained mechanic on duty 24/7 if an emergency arises.
The Oil and Grease contract is commonly used when customers like to take most of the responsibility for their elevator. We will make a Bi-Annual service call and examine the safe operation of the elevator. We oil and grease mechanical parts as needed. If South Jersey Elevator finds a problem then we will submit a proposal to make the repairs and bill the customer at our straight time billing rate. In the event that we are called out other than our regularly scheduled trip, the customer is billed at the regular billing rate. Parts are not covered under the Oil and Grease contract.

Cab Renovation

Simple cosmetic and fixture changes can enhance the appearance of your existing elevator. Very little down time is required with a cab renovation. Most applications can be completed in one day. There are many choices in design from inexpensive to elaborate cabs. South Jersey Elevator can furnish you with samples and in many cases have a display model for you to look at. Many cabs can be designed to prevent scratches from carts by using stainless bump rails.