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If you own a residential or commercial property, the elevators in your building are part of the impression you make on your visitors and residents…especially if they’re slow or shaky or get stuck frequently. Make a good impression with an elevator that runs smoothly and consistently…let South Jersey Elevator be the answer to your search for dedicated and dependable Barrington elevator companies.

If you have a Barrington area elevator emergency, call us anytime at 609-545-8512. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

South Jersey Elevator is a family-owned, locally based elevator installation and service company…we’ve been steadily growing since our founding in 2013, by building a strong reputation for first class customer service. We believe in treating all of our customers fairly, and in providing the best possible solutions to keep elevators smooth and safe. We employ OSHA-30, CET– and QEI-certified technicians and use the latest in tools and equipment. We’re dedicated to providing the best elevator service in the area, customized to fit your needs and budget.

Do you need a new elevator installed? We’re ready for you! We’ll come out to your property for a consultation, and offer you a hassle-free estimate. We can fully answer all of your questions about starting costs, maintenance plans, and anything else you ask. Our elevator maintenance plans include checking your elevator on a regular basis, lubricating the moving parts, and correcting minor issues before they become major problems.

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Make sure that your property has a smooth, consistently running elevator, and protect your reputation as a property owner. Contact South Jersey Elevator today for your elevator installation, repairs, maintenance and upgrades. We’re your proven choice in Barrington elevator companies, and we’re ready to Elevate Your Expectations!

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