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If you manage a high-rise property or enjoy the convenience of a home elevator, you’ll need a reliable elevator company at some point. Choose South Jersey Elevator Company, the real experts among Egg Harbor Township elevator companies.

We know the ups and downs of your elevator needs.

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Ground Floor Impressions Matter

The moment someone presses the button for the first time or steps into your elevator, they’re judging your property. A smooth, silent ride reassures them you care about maintenance and safety code compliance.

Make a solid, trust-building impression on residents, visitors, or potential investors by choosing South Jersey Elevator. We’re your dependable and budget-friendly pick from Egg Harbor Township elevator companies.

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Upgrade or Repair?

If you’re debating between repairing or upgrading your elevators, these red flags indicate it’s probably time to modernize with South Jersey Elevator Company:

  • Your elevators are over ten years old.
  • They move too slowly.
  • The doors stick, or buttons don’t work.
  • You’re calling for repairs too often.
  • Finding the right parts is a struggle.
  • The elevator interior is showing its age.

Let’s answer the “repair or upgrade” question. Give your residential or commercial elevators new life by updating current mechanics with durable parts. We have everything from controllers that meet safety codes to robust hydraulic systems and doors — all designed for safety and durability. Most important, we don’t tie you down with long-term contracts.

We secure your cables; our consults are no strings attached!

Don’t Hit the “Up” Button on Your Budget

Our complete elevator maintenance program helps you:

  • Minimize surprise costs and shutdowns.
  • Spend less on replacement parts.
  • Tackle tenant or guest service complaints quickly.
  • Prevent legal consequences from avoidable accidents.

Your Proven, Established Choice for Egg Harbor Township Elevator Companies

In 2013, William McGrath opened South Jersey Elevator in Ocean City, NJ, relying on his 30 years of elevator industry experience. Starting with just one truck, the company grew thanks to word-of-mouth, fueled by a dedication to strong customer relationships over impersonal corporate transactions.

Still family-owned, South Jersey Elevator prioritizes:

  • CEI, AET, and QEI-certified and OSHA-30-qualified technicians
  • Personal connections
  • Consistent customer care
  • Attention to detail
  • Competitive rates
  • Special offers
  • Round-the-clock emergency services

Check out our customer testimonials to see how we keep our promises and don’t leave your elevator installation, repair, or maintenance to chance.

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