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If you manage a high-rise property, or you’re living the high life with an elevator in your home, chances you’ll need to know who’s who among Galloway elevator companies sooner or later.  We’re South Jersey Elevator Company, delivering top-level installation, service, maintenance, and modernization.

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Be Impressive.

A smooth elevator ride assures tenants and guests you care about doing things right and meeting safety standards. People start forming opinions about a building as soon as they step into the elevator. A smooth, silent ride up (or down) says maintenance and code compliance matters. A solid first impression creates confidence about living, working, or investing in a property.

Whether you’re going up or down, it’s a smoother ride with South Jersey Elevator, the best of the best in Galloway elevator companies.

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Keep Your Elevator Costs Manageable.

Take advantage of our regular, specific maintenance plans to avoid elevator surprises and:

  • Cut out extra costs on panels, doors, or motors you don’t need.
  • Handle guest and tenant complaints quickly.
  • Stay clear of unwanted legal trouble and bills from preventable accidents.

Check the Clock; It Might Be Time for an Elevator System Upgrade

Deciding whether to fix or fully update your elevators? If these issues sound familiar, consider an upgrade with South Jersey Elevator Company:

  • Your elevators are over ten years old.
  • Your elevators are slow to move.
  • Doors stick, or buttons don’t work.
  • You’re constantly calling for repairs.
  • You can’t find the parts you need.
  • Car interiors look worn or broken.

Move past the repair vs. replace dilemma. Modernize your commercial or residential elevator systems with reliable parts and components that any pro can maintain. We’re ready with code-friendly controllers, hydraulic systems, door mechanisms, machines, and more, all designed for safety and durability. Choose SJE for long-term solutions, without signing an exclusive service contract.

30 Years of Elevator Expertise

William McGrath, the founder of South Jersey Elevator, brought decades of industry experience to South Jersey Elevator when he started the company in 2013. Our CEI, AET, and QEI-certified technicians meet OSHA-30 qualifications and are available 24/7.


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