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South Jersey Elevator Company (SJE) lifts your expectations for elevator service as soon as you call us at (609) 545-8512. Let us be the answer to your search for Longport elevator companies!

When you need a 30-year-old, family-owned business that only hires certified technicians to install commercial elevators, you need South Jersey Elevator Company.

When you need affordable, reliable residential elevators or chair lifts installed that are fully compliant with local codes and safe operations, you need South Jersey Elevator Company.

When you want affordable choices between state-of-the-art or pleasantly simple elevators in Longport, you got it:  South Jersey Elevator Company.

It’s time for you to modernize your elevators if:

  • Your elevators are at least ten years old
  • They move slowly
  • The doors and/or buttons don’t work
  • The service guys show up daily before you call them
  • Replacement parts don’t exist
  • The in-car elements are worn or damaged

There’s long-term value in modernizing with South Jersey Elevator. Why? Because whenever safe and code-compliant, we use controllers, hydro packages, door equipment, machines, fixtures, paneling, lighting, and traction elevators any qualified contractor can service.

Of course, we recommend not leaving elevator repair and service up to chance. That’s why your premier Longport elevator company offers property-specific maintenance plans customized to fit your equipment, known and anticipated service needs, and budget.

Safety is non-negotiable at this Longport region elevator company.

Ignoring elevator maintenance can result in hefty repair costs, long service interruptions, injuries, and legal risks. A malfunctioning elevator jeopardizes people, revenue, reputation, and emergency response times.

That’s why our professional technicians are CEI-, AET-, QEI-, and OSHA-30 certified – to minimize your operating risks with expert installation, service, and maintenance.

Among Longport elevator companies, South Jersey Elevator pushes all these buttons:

  • Commercial and residential
    • Sales
    • Installation
    • Maintenance
    • Service
    • Modernization
  • Thirty years of ground-to-rooftop experience
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Certified technicians
  • Live chat

Go ahead, drag your mouse down the full list, just like Buddy the Elf!  Whatever line (or floor) you stop on, South Jersey Elevator Company is waiting.

Going up? Elevate your elevators, contact South Jersey Elevator today!

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