Pitman NJ Elevator Companies

Do you currently have an elevator on your property that is aging and needs replacing? Do you need to have a brand new elevator installed? South Jersey Elevator is the answer to your search for Pitman NJ elevator companies. We can repair and maintain your current elevator, give your elevator an upgrade, or install an entirely new one. We offer installations, repairs, and maintenance programs that are customized to suit your budget.

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A poorly functioning or slow elevator is more than just annoying for you and your visitors. It also is a key part of the impression your property makes. When people ride in a slow elevator, they often remember the experience, and it can be unnerving if the elevator is prone to moments of non-function. Take the time to ensure your elevator works smoothly and properly.

Our goal with every job is quality service and attention to details. We won’t change your sales representative without making you aware, we’ll be sure to be available to answer your questions, and we use top of the line tools and equipment. All of our elevator techs are CET-certified, AET-certified, QEI-certified and OSHA-30 certified, and they stay focused on continuing education and best practices. We are always dedicated to our customers’ safety.

At South Jersey Elevator, our staff and technicians make sure that we’re providing first class customer service on each project. We are a family-owned company, and we believe in strong relationships with customers. Our owner and founder William McGrath has been in the elevator industry now for over 30 years, and he started South Jersey Elevator to provide services without employing practices that are unfair to customers.

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Whether you’re in need of elevator repair, replacement, upgrades or maintenance, contact South Jersey Elevator. We’re your reliable choice in Pitman NJ elevator companies. We’re here to Elevate Your Expectations, and make your elevator run great!