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When you’re responsible for elevator operations, you know the havoc emergency repairs cause. Routine check-ups with South Jersey Elevator Company keep things moving—literally. Whether you’re in charge of multiple cars in a high-rise or one residential elevator, don’t wait for a breakdown or a crisis. Choose SJE…discover the most reliable and experienced among Pomona elevator companies.

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Elevate First Impressions of Your Elevators

Whenever people ride an elevator, they form opinions about the commercial space, home, or entertainment venue. A long wait for an elevator suggests old equipment or maybe disengaged property managers. Conversely, a smooth, quiet ride indicates that you prioritize maintenance, safety, and guest experiences.

Choose South Jersey Elevator to impress residents, visitors, and investors. Among Pomona elevator companies, we are known for being reliable and budget-friendly, meeting your elevator needs without stretching your budget.

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Repair or Replace?

Are you trying to decide between repairing or upgrading your elevators? If you can answer yes to one or all six of these questions, it’s probably time to modernize with South Jersey Elevator Company:

  • Your elevators are over ten years old.
  • Slow movement between floors.
  • Sticking doors or unresponsive buttons.
  • Frequent repairs are becoming a hassle.
  • Difficulty in finding parts.
  • The interior looks outdated.

Upgrading is simple at South Jersey Elevator. Give your residential or commercial elevators new mechanical lives with our latest, durable equipment. We offer everything from state-of-the-art controllers that meet all safety codes to premium hydraulic systems and doors for a safe, efficient upgrade.

And the best part? No long-term contracts. Enjoy flexible, hassle-free solutions with us.

Our elevator systems run on state-of-the-art cables,

but our consults are no strings attached!

“Surprise” is a Bad Thing If You Depend on Elevators

You need your elevators to go up and down fast, but your elevator operating costs should be stable. Get budget peace of mind with South Jersey Elevator by:

  • Reducing surprise expenses and avoiding unexpected shutdowns
  • Spending less on frequent replacements
  • Quickly addressing tenant or guest concerns
  • Preventing accidents and staying compliant with safety standards

Choose proactive maintenance for smooth, efficient, and cost-effective elevator operations.

How A Guy With A Truck Became A Local Industry Leader

In 2013, William McGrath founded South Jersey Elevator in Ocean City, NJ, leveraging his 30 years of industry experience. Starting with just one truck and a strong reputation, we quickly grew thanks to glowing word-of-mouth referrals. Our customers value our focus on personal relationships over corporate impersonality. As a family-owned business, we continue to prioritize:

  • Certified Technicians: Our team includes CEI, AET, QEI, and OSHA-30 certified professionals.
  • Personal Connections: Building strong relationships with our clients.
  • Attentive Customer Care: Consistent and reliable service.
  • Competitive Pricing: Offering great rates and special deals.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Here when you need us.

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Read our customer testimonials to learn how we consistently deliver reliable and personal elevator services. SJE is ready for your elevator installation, repairs, and upgrades…reach out to us anytime.

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