Somers Point Elevator Companies

Sooner or later, every multi-story building owner or property manager searches for Somers Point elevator companies. Here are a few practical and smart reasons to start and stay with South Jersey Elevator Company:

Reason #1: First Impressions Happen on the First Floor

The instant the elevator doors open in an office building, residential complex, or hotel lobby, people start evaluating the property. The seamless elevator operation speaks volumes to those looking to lease commercial space, travelers sharing their experiences online, or new tenants deciding where to call home. It’s about delivering a message of attentiveness and meticulous maintenance, right down to the detail of ensuring elevators meet all safety codes.

In an era where snap judgments can make or break a deal, the quiet hum of a reliable elevator ride communicates a commitment to excellence, safety, and details.

South Jersey Elevator means smooth rides and happy people, top to bottom.

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Reason #2: Quality Comes from Experience—and Certified Technicians

William McGrath has serviced, installed, and refurbished elevators for over 30 years, perfecting his craft long before starting South Jersey Elevator in 2013. His mission? To bring top-floor service to every elevator, anywhere in commercial or residential settings. Every project includes deep-rooted industry experience and straightforward pricing.

Don’t take risks, especially in an emergency. South Jersey Elevator has CEI, AET, and QEI-certified technicians, who meet OSHA-30 qualifications, available 24/7.

Don’t get stuck with inexperienced Somers Point elevator companies.

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Reason #3: Throwing money down an elevator shaft is expensive

Our regular, customized maintenance plans reduce the chance of emergency breakdowns. It’s time to:

  • Stop shelling out for new panels, doors, or motors unnecessarily.
  • Eliminate guest’s and tenants’ complaints about elevator service issues.
  • Avoid costly medical bills and legal fees from preventable mishaps.
  • Escape fines and rising insurance premiums due to safety oversights.


Reason #4: You’re ready to modernize your elevator system

Your residents and guests are dropping direct hints that it’s time for new elevators. Your maintenance bills suggest the same thing, but how do you know it’s time to upgrade vs keep repairing? Here are six indicators you can trust:

  • Your elevators are ten+ years old
  • Every car moves too slow
  • The doors fail, or the panel buttons don’t respond
  • The service guys arrive before you call them
  • No one makes replacement parts anymore
  • The in-car components are run down or broken 


Let SJE Be Your Solution For Somers Point Elevator Companies.

Repair, replace, or modernize your elevators with South Jersey Elevator Company. You get code-compliant controllers, hydro packages, door gear, machines, fixtures, paneling, lighting, and traction elevators. There’s also a bonus of using universal, safe, and high-quality parts. Any certified professional can service them, so while most of our customers stay for the long term, we don’t use proprietary parts to lock you into future service.

Contact us instead of leaving your elevator installation, repair, or maintenance up to chance!