Commercial Elevator Installation in Turnersville, NJ

Commercial Elevator Installation in Turnersville, NJ

South Jersey Elevator completed this commercial elevator installation in Turnersville, New Jersey on May 17th 2021. This elevator was a new installation. This building needed to be accessible to all such as those who are handicap, therefore they needed an elevator installed. Also, so that they were able to meet state building requirements. 

Our commercial elevator installation process

▪ All materials are delivered to the jobsite. The job site is then prepped for installation.
▪ Installation process then begins:
• Tank unit is mounted into the machine room. Oil line is then mapped out for installation.
• Guide rail brackets are mounted on sides of hoist way .First rail is then hoisted into hoist way. It is then properly set, and steps are repeated on opposite side. Then piston brackets are set on guide rails at proper height. Hydraulic jack is positioned into hoist way and a lay out of where hydraulic line will be ran is mapped out.
• Both jacks are then set and leveled out using jack rail brackets. Oil line is then ran.
• Each landing of the elevator is then installed.
• Next, all the electrical work for the elevator is completed.
• After, the door and cab interior installation begins
◦ This consists of installing the elevator doors, installing the cab ceiling, as well as cab interior lights.
• Elevator installation is complete. The elevator is tested in operation. Finally, the state inspection is performed to ensure accuracy and proper function. Upon passing, elevator is turned over to building for normal operation.

Photos of Commercial Elevator Installation in Turnersville, NJ

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