New Commercial Elevator in Cranford, NJ

New Commercial Elevator in Cranford, NJ

South Jersey Elevator recently installed this new commercial elevator in Cranford, New Jersey. This job was completed on 06/11/2021. This was a new construction building that needed an elevator installed to meet with state and local code requirements to be accessible to all. 

Our Commercial Elevator Installation Process

▪ All necessary material for the job is delivered to the job site.
▪ The job site is then prepped and staged for installation.
▪ Installation begins:
• Rails are installed in hoist way.
• Piston is installed.
• Sling is installed, all guides are installed on the sling.
• Next, Oil is added, pressure system is added to set piston projections. Following that, the ropes are attached to shackles to create a running platform.
• Ropes are shortened to match tension. Platform is landed to sling.
• Following, the landings are then built.
• Next, the doors on each floor are assembled.
• After, all the wiring for the hall calls are completed.
• Cab interior is then assembled.
• Walls are secured and cab ceiling is installed. Following lights are hung in the cab interior.
• Gate doors are then installed.
• All elevator electrical is then completed.
▪ Installation process is complete. Elevator is tested to ensure proper operation.
▪ State inspection was completed. Upon completion, elevator was turned over to building for normal operation.

Photos of new commercial elevator in Cranford, NJ

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