Elevator Repair in Moorestown, NJ

Elevator Repair in Moorestown, NJ

This elevator repair in Moorestown, NJ included a tank clean out, oil change and valve replacement. Upgrading and replacing these parts and performing this work will greatly improve the performance of the elevator and will extend the life of the equipment.

Explanation of the repair and maintenance details:

Control Valve. The Hydraulic Control Valve controls the oil flow to and from the Jack on an elevator, and the elevator only performs as well as the control valve. Erratic oil flow will cause the elevator’s performance to be erratic as well.

Tank Cleanout / Hydraulic System Flush. The cleanout/flush is similar to an oil change on a car. It involves removing the existing oil and debris from the Hydraulic Elevator Power Unit. This debris removal includes draining of the hydraulic system from the Jack to the Power Unit.

The Power Unit (Tank) is then thoroughly cleaned, including of manufacturer-borne and system-borne contaminants. We then clean down the Power Unit equipment (the pump, motor and valve) and investigate it for defects or potential breakdowns that would otherwise not be seen with hydraulic fluid in the unit.

We then refill the hydraulic system with new hydraulic fluid to the proper level as per manufacturer spec, and then return the elevator to normal service, testing all systems before returning the elevator to automatic service.

So why are these three things important to elevator function, and why must they often be done at the same time?

The control valve, as stated above, controls the oil flow. The flow of that oil drives the piston to lift the elevator when a passenger places a call for an elevator landing. These items fail over time – valve parts begin to leak, and this causes leveling issues and an oily mess. If they’re poorly maintained, and no hydraulic flush has been done, the control valve will become inoperable.

There are many reasons for a valve replacement, and we assess the condition and inform each client what their best course of action is. A Hydraulic Flush does not typically have to happen each time a control valve is replaced, but we strongly recommend doing both at the same time.

Remember, it’s just like maintaining a car…upgrading and replacing parts as needed, and changing the oil periodically, will not only extend the life of the equipment but will also greatly improve the elevator’s performance.

When does your elevator need maintenance?

At South Jersey Elevator, one of our highly trained technicians can assess your elevator’s current equipment condition. While generally a Hydraulic Flush should be performed every five years or so, each elevator and situation is different, and a control valve’s life span can differ based on age, location, and previous care.

Call us today to find out if your elevator is due for an upgrade or hydraulic flush; we can keep your elevator running smoothly and for as long as possible.

Photos of Elevator Repair in Moorestown, NJ

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