Pandemic Safety Procedures for Elevator Cabs

Pandemic Safety Features For Elevator Cabs

South Jersey Elevator now has access to the industry leading filtration units for your elevator equipment, a key element of pandemic safety procedures for elevator cabs. Covid-19 has changed the way the world thinks and lives on a daily basis. Social distancing has been one of the best practices to assist in decreasing your chances of contracting the virus.

Unfortunately, some indoor areas still remain a challenge to socially distance. Elevators are obviously one of those areas, and South Jersey Elevator has the solution to keep your Staff, Visitors, Patients, and other personnel safe when utilizing your elevators.

Our simple solution is a UVC Germicidal Duel HEPA Filtration Unit. Designed specifically for elevators, this Filtration Unit has three speed motor and is proven to remove 99.5% of virus particles in just two minutes.

Additional benefits include compatibility with existing hole cutouts from many manufacturers, as well as:

  • Dual UVC Germicidal sources / Dual HEPA filtration
  • Fully automatic UVC Germicidal performance monitoring system
  • Visual AND audible notification if the UV system needs attention
  • Automatic shut-down safety circuit when filters are removed
  • High performance fan unit for rapid air changes
  • Optional, remote mount COP indicators give passengers the confidence of knowing the Dual UVC Germicidal system is operational

At South Jersey Elevator, we understand how important your elevator equipment is to the people using it. The Duel HEPA fan/filtration unit is not just another piece of equipment; it is an investment to protect the people using your elevator, by reducing risk and chances of exposure. We know that times are still challenging, but we are here for our clients’ needs, and to work with you to maximize safety and function of your elevator.

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