Commercial Elevator Modernization in Absecon, NJ

Commercial Elevator Modernization in Absecon, NJ

South Jersey Elevator completed this commercial elevator modernization in Absecon, NJ on august 5th of 2021. This elevator modernization was done due to the client having obsolete machinery. The client was running into constant operation problems with the elevator due to the equipment age. This caused the client to have many service calls. It was decided as the most cost-efficient option for the client, to complete a modernization. This allows the client to have updated machinery that has the latest equipment to allow for more efficient running in a high-volume building.  

Process of the elevator modernization:

▪ We begin an elevator modernization with delivering all the necessary components to the job site and staging them for installation.
▪ We then begin removing the old machinery and disposing of it, to allow new machinery to be installed.
• This consists of things such as emptying out the old oil in the hydraulic tank. Removing the hydraulic tank completely. Following with setting the new tank in place and pipping in the oil line to it.
▪ Next, we continue with installation of new equipment, which consists of some of the following: mount the new controller and run the appropriate wires from the tank. We then begin to replace the disconnect and run conduit and disconnect to new controller.
▪ Next, installation of new motor and pump. Oil is then added to the tank. New motor is then wired to the controller.
▪ We then begin prepping the car top for equipment installation.
▪ The car top equipment at this stage is then installed: mounted and secured.
▪ The next step is to mount all hall calls and wire them in.
▪ At this stage, we deliver the elevator doors and cab ceilings.
▪ We prep the cab interior and hang the gate doors.
▪ We then install the cab interior.
▪ The modernization is then completed, all landings are tested for accuracy.
▪ The final stage is the state inspection upon completion, of which at time of passing elevator is handed over to the building to being normal operation.

Benefits of a modernization such as in this case:

▪ Saves money in the long run due to significantly less service calls
▪ An elevator running more efficiently uses less energy
▪ rings the old obsolete equipment up to current date, meeting requirements of today.

Photos of Elevator Modernization in Absecon, NJ

Reach out to us today to find out more and to schedule your South Jersey commercial elevator modernization … raise your building to a new level! Modernizing your elevator won’t just make it safer and more efficient. It will increase your property’s resale value, make your building more energy efficient, ease traffic flow, and keep your equipment up to date on safety and code compliance.