New Residential Elevator in Longport, New Jersey

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South Jersey Elevator recently installed a new residential elevator in Longport, NJ. This residential elevator installation was done as a new construction project. The client was building a shore home and wanted to install an elevator to ensure lifelong mobility throughout the home. The installation process begins after contractors framed and completed the hoist way. We assist contractors to ensure the hoist way is built to the proper measurements for the pending elevator. After this process we begin our elevator installation process. All elevator materials at this stage are delivered to the home to being installation.

Process of Installing Residential Elevator in Longport, New Jersey 

▪ We begin with installing the elevator rails, they are anchored to the rail inserts in the walls.
▪ We then mount the controller in the elevator machine room.
▪ From this step, we then complete the guide rails installation.
▪ Next, the motor is mounted to the top of the hoist way. Chain links are ran from the motor to the bottom of the hoist way. The rest of the cab sling is then assembled. Counterweight plates are then added to the counterweight frame. Chain links are then attached to respected counterweight.
▪ Selector tape and governor belt are then ran.
▪ We then complete the electrical for the machine room where everything is tied back into the elevator controller.
▪ Following this we begin making the elevator a moving platform.
▪ On each floor we install the hall calls, floor switches, and door locks. After this, cab walls and ceiling are installed. Following is the installation of the cab gate.
▪ Following the elevator interior installation is finished. This consists of wiring in the car lights, car handrail, and installation of the elevator phone.
▪ Then, elevator is tested at each landing to ensure proper function. Any adjustments that need to be made, at this point are made.
▪ The job site is then properly cleaned up. All excess material are removed.
▪ Upon completion of installation, state inspection is performed. Upon passing, elevator is turned over to homeowner in normal operation. Job is then complete.

Photos of New Residential Elevator in Longport, New Jersey 

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