New Residential Elevator Installation In Stone Harbor NJ

Residential Elevator Installation In Stone Harbor

Below are details and photos of a recent South Jersey Elevator project. We completed a brand new residential elevator installation in Stone Harbor, NJ. With a new home elevator, our customers can request that the elevator be customized for their needs.

In February of 2021, the customer requested an elevator installation for ease of movement throughout the home, and to enable them to stay in the home for as long as they wanted. With a new elevator installation, the customer is now able to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. The project took a total of four weeks to complete.

The benefits of a new residential elevator installation include:

  • Mobility and access to every level of a home forever
  • Improved convenience in getting around
  • Increased resale value of a home
  • A touch of luxury
  • An affordable way to stay in your home

Photos of New Residential Elevator Installation in Stone Harbor, NJ

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