Elevator Modernization In Longport, NJ

Elevator Modernization in Longport NJ

This elevator modernization in Longport, NJ was completed in March of 2021.

In this case, the customer had multiple issues with their elevator. Their machinery was outdated and some parts were obsolete. They decided to go with an elevator modernization to bring their equipment up to date.

In a modernization, all of the major critical parts are upgraded. This will ensure that the elevator can perform better, improves safety, and gives an up-to-date appeal to the equipment.

We went through a multiple step process to complete this modernization:

  1. Survey of the equipment, including taking photos and measurements for our engineering team.
  2. Removal of the car operating panel to prepare for a new custom panel.
  3. Started the process of re-wiring the controller from old to new, and running through new wiring.
  4. Installation of the new tank unit. The old tank removal was completed after removing the oil from the existing tank. Added fresh oil to the new tank.
  5. Installation of new door locks and new fixtures.
  6. Wiring in of new controller; components were connected to new controller.
  7. Adjusting of new equipment, which was then tested with current codes.

South Jersey Elevator completed this elevator modernization in Longport in two weeks. Benefits of the modernization included:

  • Improved reliability and dependability
  • New equipment from a manufacturer that can provide support
  • The elevator is more energy efficient

Photos of our Elevator Modernization in Longport, NJ!

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